Top 5 Best Gaming Chairs Under 15000 in India 2022

The gaming industry is over growing daily in India and some gamers have started streaming their game online on various forums like YouTube, Facebook, and other forums.

If you want to buy the best 15000 play chairs in India you should definitely read this article.

The reclining chair has an ergonomic design and can be adjusted anywhere. The gaming chair gives you a comfortable feeling while playing games and you can lock the play chair at any angle.

Most people do not know which are the best gaming chairs in India or the best office chairs in India 2022. Therefore, here we have listed a short list of India’s top 10 best chairs.

List of 5 best gaming chairs under 15000 in India:-

RankBrandProduct NameBuy Now
MRC Executive Predator Gaming Chairbest office chairs under 10000
2.Night HawkNight Hawk (NHC-402) Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chairbest office chairs under 10000
3.INNOWININNOWIN Defender IGC Series Gaming Chair best office chairs under 10000
4.SunonSunon Gaming Chair, High Back Computer Chairbest office chairs under 10000
5.Kepler BrooksKepler Brooks Gaming Chair, Ergonomic Chairbest office chairs under 10000

1. MRC Executive Predator Gaming Chair

1. MRC Executive Predator Gaming Chair

Mrc Executive Predator Gaming Chair

Key Features:-

  • Dimensions: 53D x 69W x 127H Centimeters
  • Item Weight: 15 Kilograms
  • Maximum Weight: 100-120kg
  • Colour: ‎White
  • Material: Metal
  • Back Style: ‎Headrest (Adjustable)

With the MRC Executive Predator Gaming Chair, you can relax and enjoy yourself in your workplace.

Its PU leather material gives you comfort while sitting. The High-back design offers support to the full-back & neck region.

With the help of a reclining angle of 180 degrees, you can periodically lean back to rest as you work.

Various adjustable features like a headrest, armrest, and tilting position providing that sense of perfect sitting posture are tilting options giving it a modern look and feel.


  • Head Rest Cushion
  • Adjustable Back Lumber
  • Adjustable Handle
  • Nylon Caster Wheel
  • Awesome Design
  • Fabric & PU Leather Cover


  • No cons so far

2. Night Hawk (NHC-402) Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair

2. Night Hawk (NHC-402) Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Night Hawk (NHC-402) Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Key Features:-

  • Dimensions: 55D x 30W x 35H Centimeters
  • Item Weight: 13 kg
  • Colour: Black/Neon Blue
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Adjustable Height: 90-160 Degree

The Night Hawk NHC-402 multi-functional ergonomic gaming chair offers the ultimate experience for gamers.

This high-quality chair features a leather seat and smooth-rolling casters, so you can get to wherever you need to go! Added cushion support and massage lumbar pillows are designed to help keep you comfortable during long gaming sessions.

The Night Hawk NHC-402 offers excellent comfort and stability to help you focus on your game or work more efficiently.

It’s comfortable and breathable with a removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion for added comfort, making it suitable for all kinds of interactions. Whether playing games, watching movies, or listening to music, the Night Hawk chairs offer an ergonomic design tailored to your needs.

Made with high-quality leather and a fully adjusted, stylish, and durable seat. It offers a comfortable playing experience with the game chair’s size.


  • High-Quality Material
  • Comfortable Seat
  • Heavy-Duty Base and Nylon Smooth Rolling Casters
  • 3 Year Warranty


  • No cons so far

3. INNOWIN Defender IGC Series Gaming Chair

3. INNOWIN Defender IGC Series Gaming Chair

INNOWIN Defender IGC Series Gaming Chair

Key Features:-

  • Dimensions: 47D x 67W x 133H Centimeters
  • Item Weight: 22 kg
  • Maximum Weight: 120 Kilograms
  • Colour: Green & Black
  • Material: Fabric & PU Leather

The INNOWIN playground provides an ideal basis for long working and gaming hours. Give your back a rest with a Defender lumbar cushion, or remove it completely to use as a pillow during the trip. 3 3-dimensional armchairs are adjusted into three dimensions to provide support even for mobile games, the angle of armrests can be adjusted and can be easily adjusted forwards and backward, and diagonally.

Seat height and depth are adjustable too, so you will be able to position yourself in a comfortable position. Your body weight has a direct bearing on the force required to turn or tilt the seat. With adjustable weight loss controls, you will always be able to get a good backward/wide range of motion.

The Defender series seats come with an ergonomic hugging design to provide maximum comfort. Leather upholstery with a smooth surface and easy-to-clean, soft luxury armrest. The back seat is folded in contrast to the flat back designs to provide maximum comfort by preventing fatigue in the shoulders and neck. Areas that may be difficult to reach are also buried to prevent any discomfort due to rubbing.

When it comes to luxury, one of the most important aspects is the seat. All you need is a good clean chair with good foam and a solid base so that you can sit in the chair for hours without getting tired. INNOWIN Defender Chairs has a long list of features, but the most prominent are pillow and support. They do not have the same levels as others, but they just give 90° all the way from front to back.

This means you can use it as an office chair, game chair, or even at home to get some rest after great play times. In terms of support, these seats have a heavy construction function that will hold down under keyboard typing and gameplay. Get back to these great seats today- and let your games get even better!

All of these features and functions mean you can improve your posture while playing games or using your computer in the office, which helps you to avoid bad postures that we all seem to stick to these days!


  • Adjustable neck pillow
  • Lumbar support
  • 3-dimensional armrest
  • Molded foam seat
  • 3 Years Warranty


  • No cons so far

4. Sunon Gaming Chair, High Back Computer Chair

4. Sunon Gaming Chair, High Back Computer Chair

Sunon Gaming Chair, High Back Computer Chair

Key Features:-

  • Dimensions: 47D x 49.5W x 114H Centimeters
  • Item Weight: 12 kg 100 g
  • Colour: Black & Blue
  • Material: Faux Leather

With a wide back and armrest, the Sunon gaming chair is a cozy chair that hugs every curve of your body.

If you are looking for an incredible and brand-new beating chair, then the stylish-looking Sunon Gaming Chair will provide you with zenith comfort.

With its retractable footrest, the Sunon Gaming Chair stands apart from the list of other best gaming chairs in India.

It is a perfectly adjustable chair whose height can be adjusted from 122.5 cm to 130 cm and can be tilted up to 90-135 degrees.

This hi-tech gaming chair is equipped with a removable padded headrest and lumbar cushion.

360-degree swivel and class 4 gas lift ensure safety, stability, and stunning comfort of the chair.


  • Retractable footrest for comfort and stretch
  • Neck, back, and head support pillows
  • Height adjustable gaming chair
  • Ergonomically comfortable chair


  • No cons so far

5. Kepler Brooks Gaming Chair, Ergonomic Chair

5. Kepler Brooks Gaming Chair, Ergonomic Chair

Kepler Brooks Gaming Chair, Ergonomic Chair

Key Features:-

  • Dimensions: 52D x 66W x 131H Centimeters
  • Adjustable Backrest Angle: 90-135 Degrees
  • Colour: SAMURAI – Red & Black
  • Material: PVC Leatherette Cover
  • 3D Adjustable armrests with carbon

Upgrade your gaming experience with the new Samurai Steel Series gaming chair. Adjustable armrests and backrests allow you to find a comfortable position for long sessions, up to 15 degrees recline keeps you from getting stiff even over long periods of time, 360° swivel base lets you adjust the tilt of your chair when needed.

With our Kepler Brooks Gaming Chair and Ergonomic Chair, you get the best of both worlds: comfort and efficiency. Firstly, our hydraulic-class 4 gas piston comes in handy for creating a comfortable ride for you when you need to adjust your sitting posture.

Secondly, our 3D adjustable armrests with carbon texture top provide support to your upper body keeping you feeling comfortable for long hours. Users can adjust the width of the armrests by sliding them or rotating them as per their upper body motion.

Finally, we have added a myriad of features like adjustable lumbar support, cushion height adjustment knob, and much more to make sure that you never feel uncomfortable while playing your favorite games on your PC or smartphone


  • Ergonomically designed, best in comfort
  • In-built headrest & lumbar support
  • 3D adjustable armrests with carbon texture top
  • 3-position recline lock
  • 3-year warranty


  • No cons so far


We have come to the end of the ‘best gaming chair in India‘ article and you will have a brief idea about the best choice for you.

Maybe you got the answer to all your questions like whether to buy a chair or not and if so! Which would be the ideal choice for you?

With our team, it will be an unforgettable experience that will last forever. All you have to do is tap the screen and you are ready to use the best gaming chair in India.

FAQs For Best Gaming chair under 15000

1. Are gaming chairs worth 15000?

Ans: Yes, If you are spending lots of time on streaming then it’s worth the money.

2. Are gaming chairs bad for the back?

Ans: A good gaming chair is good for maintaining your body posture and also properly aligned spine reduces back pain.

3. Does a gaming chair make you a better gamer?

Ans: It’s hard to deny that gaming chairs are gaining popularity these days. Whether they look cool or their ads are so appealing, they seem to be taking up more and more space on people’s desks every day. But does a gaming chair make you a better gamer? Unfortunately, not really.

4. Are gaming chairs good for sitting all day?

Ans: Yes. However, finding an affordable gaming chair that also offers good back support can be a bit tricky. We’ve compiled a list of the 8 best gaming chairs under 15,000. These are some of the best gaming chairs on the market today that offer comfort and value. We hope you find our Top 10 useful!

5. What is the difference between a gaming chair and an office chair?

Ans: People come with the question of whether there is any difference between a gaming chair and an office chair. Well, both chairs are basically made for sitting purposes. However, their characteristics are different, so they are different from each other. The main differences between gaming and office chairs can be listed as follows.

An office chair is made of hardwood, while a gaming chair is generally made of quality materials. An office chair has a back, while gaming chairs do not. Features of gaming chairs, such as headrest and footrest, are not found in office chairs. Office chairs have wheels on the legs to make it easier to move or change position, while gaming chairs do not.

6. Should I buy a gaming chair for work from home?

Ans: Possibly you have a job requiring you to sit at a desk for long periods. If so, then it’s time to get yourself a gaming chair. We know what you’re thinking: Gaming chairs are just for teenagers playing video games!. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. There are many benefits to getting one for your home office or workplace.

7. Why do gaming chairs have a pillow?

Ans: If you are a gaming chair lover, you may doubt the best gaming chair under 15000. But it is just a myth. The best thing about good gaming chairs is that they come with quality built-in cushions that allow you to comfortably support your neck and head when you lean back while sitting. And no need to spend extra money on pillows! Since most gamers sit in front of their monitors for hours on end, it’s important to have a comfortable place to rest your head.

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