BoAt AAVANTE Bar 1190 Bluetooth Soundbar Review 2022: Price & Features

Hello Guys, Today we are here to review boat AAVANTE Bar 1190 90W 2.2 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar, so stay with us and read this article completely.

Let’s Get Started

I was looking for a Bluetooth soundbar to pair with my PC system to get the best information while watching movies or TV series in 4K. Although I wanted a good soundbar, I did not want to dig a hole in my pocket.

I have been enjoying the boat AAVANTE Bar 1190 90W 2.2 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar for many days and I can say that this is one of the best Bluetooth Soundbars you can get your hands on in this price list and I hope that when you get to the end of this post, you will understand why I said that.

boAt AAVANTE Bar 1190 Bluetooth Soundbar

boAt AAVANTE Bar 1190  Bluetooth Soundbar


  • Dimensions: ‎11.5 x 7.5 x 96 cm
  • Item Weight: ‎3 kg 800 g
  • Watts: 90W
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0v
  • Special Features: ‎Subwoofer, Remote Control

About this item

  • Its 2.2 Channel captivating sound gets you set for an alternate dimension, with an ethereal sound quality that adds colour to your audio as well as visual experience
  • The exquisitely styled soundbar with its premium finish adds to the beauty of your home as much as it adds to the immersive auditory experience
  • Control your playback via easy operational controls and the master remote control device
  • All your devices are made accessible by the wireless and wired forms of connectivity, such as Bluetooth V5.0/AUX/USB/Coaxial and HDMI(ARC) with the versatile Aavante Bar 1190
  • Experience the boAt Signature sound with the 40W R.M.S premium audio delivered by AAVANTE BAR 1190 and its 50W Built-in Active Subwoofer
  • The soundbar is apt for multiple forms of entertainment as it offers different modes such as NEWS, MOVIES, MUSIC and 3D for a true listening experience.

Key Features:-

Model Name:Aavante Bar 1190
Dimensions:‎11.5 x 7.5 x 96 cm
Item Weight:‎3 kg 800 g
Bluetooth Version:5.0v
Speaker Connectivity:‎Bluetooth V5.0, AUX, USB, Coaxial, and HDMI(ARC)
Special Features:‎Subwoofer, Remote Control
Speaker Type:Subwoofer, 3D, Soundbar
Connector Type:Wireless, Bluetooth, Auxiliary, USB, HDMI

Key Features and First Looks

BoAt Aavante 1190 Soundbar is a unit Made in China. It is imported and supplied by Imagine Marketing Pvt Ltd.

The soundbar is black plastic with black metal mesh grille on the front. The plastic parts have a nice matte finish as it does not allow fingerprints and smudges. The big ‘boAt’ logo is attached to the bang in the middle of the audio bar.

A small LED display that looks high is above the logo behind the metal grille. The soundbar is large and heavy. 96 cm tall, Soundbar is taller than most soundbars on the market. By comparison, the Mi Soundbar is 83 cm long and the Blaupunkt SBW-100 is 80 cm long. Looking for ultra-compact soundbars? Check out my review of the Polk Magnifi Mini.

boAt AAVANTE Bar 1190 Bluetooth Soundbar
boAt AAVANTE Bar 1190 Bluetooth Soundbar

4 round front-wheel-drive drivers of 10 Watt each on the left and right of the Soundbar, protected by a mesh grille.

2 subwoofer drivers sit on the top left and right of the Soundbar. Covered with speaker mesh grilles.

A single outlet of squarish air is visible in the front behind the mesh grille.

5 control buttons are provided to the right of POWER, MODE, PLAY / PAUSE, VOLUME +, and VOLUME-.

At the back, there are 4 input ports for HDMI (ARC), USB, 3.5mm AUX, and COAXIAL. There is an AC power socket and a useful key switch on / off.

2 rubber pads are provided for smooth placement.

The remote control is basic and functional.

Design and build quality

The AAVANTE Bar 1190 90W 2.2 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar plays very well despite being in the mid-range price range. The Bluetooth Soundbar is very long, measuring 96 cm, so before you buy you should check that you have enough storage space, or you may experience some problems when repairing it.

boAt AAVANTE Bar 1190 Bluetooth Soundbar

However, the longboat shape BoAt AAVANTE Bar 1190 90W 2.2 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar gives it a beautiful design with a premium finish. It also has two built-in subwoofers that work to give you enough baas to enjoy your movie moments. There are also buttons at the end of the soundbar without having a fully functional remote control.

The build quality of the audio bar is also decent, and it will not sound cheap or cheap. The quality of the remote control is also good, and unfortunately, it fell a few times in my hand, but you will not be afraid to damage it because it is powerful. The remote has all the functionality, making it very easy to operate. You can change the connection methods, treble or baas, and other items with the remote control, making it very useful.

However, the wall mounting kit looks cluttered as the material is made of plastic, which makes you doubt that it can firmly hold the soundbar on the wall. But as long as you do not plan to put it on the wall, there is no problem with the quality of the construction. And if you want to put it on the wall, call a professional and get their opinion.


Boat AAVANTE Bar 1190 90W 2.2 Bluetooth channel soundbar has a lot of connectivity options. It has HDMI ports, USB, AUX COAX, and Bluetooth option. So that makes it 5 connection options, and you can’t ask for more. Bluetooth Soundbar has eliminated it in the connectivity section, which offers many opportunities.

boAt AAVANTE Bar 1190 Bluetooth Soundbar
boAt AAVANTE Bar 1190 Bluetooth Soundbar

When you open the soundbar, you will find a red light displayed. Then you have to press the power button on the remote control or the soundbar. It will then show us the connection mode you are in. You can change the connection mode from the remote control and the mode button on the audio bar.

In the case of a Bluetooth connection, after displaying ‘bt,’ you can find the word AAVABTE BAR 1190‘ in the list of Bluetooth devices available on your phone or laptop or any other device you want to connect. Easy to operate.

Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth 5.0 is available and communication is OK. The pairing of pre-connected devices occurs in a matter of seconds.

boAt AAVANTE Bar 1190 Bluetooth Soundbar
boAt AAVANTE Bar 1190 Bluetooth Soundbar

By default, male voice notifies when Bluetooth pairing is successful. It may seem annoying and unnecessarily noisy to some.

Remote control

The infrared remote control is thin and wide. Remote quality depends on the price of this audio bar. The buttons give a plastic feel.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the boat AAVANTE Bar 1190 90W 2.2 The Bluetooth soundbar of the channel is entirely satisfactory. You can’t compare it to the JBL or Bose audio bar, but this is the best audio quality you can find in this price list.

boAt AAVANTE Bar 1190 Bluetooth Soundbar
boAt AAVANTE Bar 1190 Bluetooth Soundbar

Includes the unique signature of the 90W RMS boat signature. Speakers are also loud, and you won’t need (or say ‘you can’t’ again) to play it at total volume.

Thanks to the two available built-in subwoofers, you will get enough bass to enjoy the sound quality. It also has a treble and baas balancer on the remote control, which is helpful.

Bluetooth audio bar also has 4 ways to balance entertainment: Music, Movie, News, and 3D. All in all, the sound quality of the audio bar is above any question, and you will surely be satisfied with it.

Installation and Wiring

The boAt Aavante 1190 Soundbar can be installed in the TV cabinet under the TV. At 11.5 cm, the Soundbar is almost deep between all soundbars and 10.8 cm deep. It will replace the table.

boAt AAVANTE Bar 1190 Bluetooth Soundbar
boAt AAVANTE Bar 1190 Bluetooth Soundbar

The Soundbar can also be hung on the wall using brackets (provided) and a wall installation kit (provided).

Connect the Soundbar to the AC socket on the wall and press POWER ON.

The Soundbar can be connected to the TV using an HDMI ARC, COAXIAL, Bluetooth, or 3.5mm AUX input. Apart from the 3.5mm AUX cable, no other thread is provided.

Use a fast HDMI cable to connect to the HDMI ARC OUT of your TV.


  • Easy to control.
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Wired and wireless connectivity
  • Eye-dropping look
  • Coming up to our next era, that’s the price


  • No cons so far

Final Talk:-

In a market already filled with soundbars, it’s hard to imagine how the BoAt Avante Bar 1190 can stand out from the crowd. Well, once you hear the impeccable sound quality and powerful bass that this device delivers, you will realize that this bar is far ahead of its competition. If you’re looking for some high-quality audio equipment to improve your home entertainment experience, look no further than the Avante Bar 1190 by boAt. Because boAt Avante Bar 1190 is the perfect choice for a remarkable audio experience. It can be controlled quickly and connect all the devices to it. You have different connectivity options, and you will love the sound of this speaker.

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